Each more delicious than the one before, let us look for a moment at the preparation of bricelets, which requires particular expertise.
“As we are all countrywomen, we use our own cream, which we skim and leave to rest for 2 or 3 days", explains Sandra Bernard. In preparing the dough, a bricelet specialist uses a little less flour than indicated (700 to 800 g), in order to produce quite a fine dough and also prefers to mix the wine with water. At first sight, the recipe may appear to be child’s play, but do not be fooled! The rolling out stage is very delicate. With the aid of her waffle iron, Sandra Bernard demonstrates her expertise. The biscuit is peeled off and then wound directly around the bricelet wand, which gives it its distinctive shape. The preparation of the dough is quite simple, but the rolling technique is precise and takes considerable expertise. In the end, you have a light, airy delicacy, a real delight.
Sweet or salty?
Sandra Bernard’s bricelets also come in savoury flavours. The recipe differs a little and the biscuit is not rolled out. With cummin seeds, or simply salted, these bricelets are not yet as widespread as their rolled equivalents. However, they are gaining in popularity, since, as Sandra Bernard concludes, "served with an apéritif, they are really delicious".

The « Bricelets » are the best childhood memories, given by beloved people. An easy making for infinite flavors.

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