Sandra Owner & Director of Chateau Cuisine

Chateau Cuisine was created 6 years ago and it is for those who are passionate about eating well, living well, feeling great and LOVE to cook French food.

Swiss born Sandra Bernard brings an appreciation of good food inspired by her multi-cultural country (French, German and Italian languages)

Honing her skills in fine French Café in Melbourne in 2007, after relocating to Australia from Switzerland, her urge to travel had not been extinguished, Los Angeles beckoned , followed by 5 years between France and Switzerland.

Sandra is passionate about cooking since she was little. Ever since she can remember, her family has celebrated lunch as a feast.“I have had the pleasure to grow-up in the countryside borders of France in a little village surrounded by farms with my father and having a garden and remember eating only food from the garden after helping him to clean the vegetable for hours....”

From her home in Melbourne, she began to strip away the mystery of cooking after going through PND and years of working in Accounting. Sandra and her husband, Pascal, a French biologist met in Switzerland - will impart some of the secrets of authentic recipes handed down from her Family in Law. she got back to basics with Fresh ingredients, her aim being to spread the love passion to her students. And she realised a dream to create a unique learning and entertaining venue for the food lovers of Melbourne for the last 6 years!

Workshops were specialised in regional French and Swiss cookery, such as how to perfect macarons, soufflés, pastries, croquembouche, desserts. Swiss fondue. Our private, comprehensive, hands-on masterclasses were a unique gourmet experience.

About Le Bricelet

There is a quality of life the Swiss have perfected. It requires you to slow the pace of life and take the time to do things right, using high quality ingredients and perfecting a craft. It is about allowing yourself a little luxury and slowing down long enough to appreciate the quality of a thing done right. We have done our best to capture that Swiss spirit in our delicacies so we can share it with our customers. We have tested and perfected recipes for products made from natural ingredients with no preservatives. We are very proud of the quality of our products. We offer little luxuries that make people smile - make life a little better.